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AI in sales and Marketing. How is the sales process being affected?

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February 8, 2021

A fireside conversation with Jeremiah “The Shark” Sarkett from Keap

“Change is coming” say Senior Partner Manager from Keap (formely known as Insusionsoft), Jeremiah “The Shark” Sarkett

With the advent of AI in Marketing & sales, how is the sales process being affected?

“The sales process is moving closer to where the customer is”, Jeremiah says. And right he is. From a customer experience point of view, customer & consumer behaviours & expectations have changed.

Listen to the episode for more information about the impact on sales process, tech used in sales & marketing, how AI will support & enhance human behaviours

Join the discussion in the comments below. Make sure you follow Jeremiah Sarkett for the latest info on Keap and sales techniques on his website

Jeremiah’s LinkedIn profile: click here

Image credit: AI4marketing

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