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Ep24 – What Makes for an Effective and Successful Sales Funnel and Sales Process?

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February 8, 2021

An interview with Peter Strohkorb

Top 3 tips for effective #salesfunnels? Have a funnel, one that works, & one that is scalable.

These are the top tips from Peter Strohkorb, author, coach, founder and CEO of Peter Strohkorb Advisory with a focus on Sales & Marketing, sales funnel & lead generation.

We discussed the effectiveness of a sales funnel & streamlining it for growth. We also covered the 10 step process that Peter has set up to maximise the efficiency of a sales funnel, & pipeline management, bad sales habits & other topics.

Most relevant for today, we get Peter’s view on adapting the sales funnel or process during the #COVID-19 #crisis, yet maintaining a growth mindset.

Peter will return to our show  to discuss the intimate relationship between sales & marketing, or Smarketing, & lead generation, A.K.A. prospect engagement.

Head over to Peter’s website for more information about his 3 core beliefs, & to download his sales funnel checklist to see where you stand. More links will be added in the comment box.

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Peter’s Website

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Peter’s Webinar: “10 Proven Ways to Accelerate Your Sales Funnel”

Mike Clark gets a mention in the podcast about his Affirmations post on LinkedIn

The Front Line Podcast on Sales Process Bad Habits

Sales Coaching: Jeremy Pearce from #OutsideSalesCoaching

Sales Coaching: Geoffrey Wade & #performancebreakthru get a mention in this episode

CRM & Marketing Automation: Avon Collis from #Relevate (website)

Marketing Strategy & Digital Transformation: Floris Blok from #BlokBusinessConsulting (LinkedIn page)

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