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Ep26 – Thinking of a pivot in your career?

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February 8, 2021

Listen to Brian Mc Glennon explain his many pivots & how he’s now looking to help others as a recruiter

Thinking of a pivot in your career? Brian Mc Glennon was a salesperson, now heads up his own recruitment company helping others who are considering a job or profession change to bridge the digital talent gap.

In this episode we discuss Brian’s career progression, moving from one job to another, moving from the UK to Australia, & now pivoting away from sales & setting up a recruitment company, Target Impact, helping other sales people into jobs. Brian uses his extensive experience to drill into a person’s true motivations & passion to find the right fitting role to the candidate. It’s a novel approach from how companies try to fit candidates into a role.

We also discuss some of the traditional recruitment methods & tools, but most importantly we hit on the subject of digital talent gap & how #COVID19 is forcing people to re-skill & up-skill.

As a “talent broker”, Brian is focused on using the #crisis to build the back-end of the business while using his extensive efforts in network building to lay the groundwork for the future roles he’ll be helping fill.

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