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Ep29 – Lead generation vs. Demand generation vs. Prospect Management post title

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February 8, 2021

Interview with Peter Strohkorb

Lead Gen vs Demand Gen vs Prospect Management? Which is best? Which should you be using, especially now, in the COVID-19 era? What should sales leaders be doing now?

These are the top tips from Peter Strohkorb, author, coach, founder and CEO of Peter Strohkorb Advisory with a focus on Sales & Marketing, sales funnel & lead generation.

We discussed the effectiveness of “old school” lead generation vs demand generation, which, if done right and includes element of customer relationship management, becomes prospect management.

Most relevant for today, we get Peter’s view on the status of the landscape sales leaders operate in. Especially now, it is all about providing value to customers. If customers don’t want to buy, you can’t sell them anything. So it’s not about what sales leaders want to sell, it’s about what people want to buy.

Peter will return to our show  to discuss the intimate relationship between sales & marketing, or Smarketing. In the mean time, head over to Peter’s website for more information about his 3 core beliefs, & to download his sales funnel checklist to see where you stand. More links will be added in the website blog or LinkedIn post. 

Peter’s Website: click here

Peter’s LinkedIn page: click here

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