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Ep30 – What is Smarketing

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February 8, 2021

Interview with Peter Strohkorb

We welcome Peter Strohkorb, author, coach, founder & CEO of Peter Strohkorb Advisory with a focus on Sales & Marketing, sales funnel & lead generation. Peter has been on our show twice before & today, for this 3rd appearance, we will be discussing “Smarketing”.

Smarketing is a portmanteau coined by Peter to represent the close links between Sales and Marketing.

In many organisations, Sales & Marketing are 2 separate divisions, one feeding the other, each thinking the other is subservient. Nothing is further from the truth. Sales & Marketing are potentially 2 different disciplines, but they both have the same objective: help solve a customer problem. One does it using sales techniques, the other does it using marketing techniques. Neither would work without establishing a “know like trust” relationship with the target audience. Listen in for some gems on the topic

Head over to Peter’s website for more resources & to download his sales funnel checklist to see where you stand. More links will be added in the comment box.

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