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Ep33 – Marketing tips for Startups

Written by Admin

February 8, 2021

An Interview with Rhonwyn Learner

Are you a startup looking to win your first customers in a month? We talk to Rhonwyn Learner from Business in Training for some hot tip on marketing your wares & getting good traction in the market.

This was a very interesting discussion where I believe the best quote shared was from a Disney movie: “see a need, fill a need”. It sounds so basic but a lot of people fail in their endeavors because they create a product/service that doesn’t solve a need consumers have.

Other valuable tips:
– Social Media Marketing is not a magic bullet
– If you are short on time, don’t focus too much on Social Media Marketing, & if you must, pick 1 platform
– If you have a social media strategy, make sure you check the analytics to hone the messaging & content
– Know who you are selling to, know what they need so you can sell them your “why” & “what”
– Start selling, start small & grow

Join us on this episode to listen to Rhonwyn laying it out for all of our benefit. This the second of 3 episodes so stay tuned for the third one next week.

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