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Ep34 – The one marketing secret for growing a Startup

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February 8, 2021

Interview with Rhonwyn Learner

What is the one marketing secret that will grow your business? We talk to Rhonwyn Learner from Business in Training for some hot tip on marketing your wares no matter what technique you use.

Third consecutive podcast with Rhonwyn who specialises in helping startups grow their business from ‘zero to hero’. Here are here thoughts about the 1 secret to grow a business:

– Don’t suffer from shiny object syndrome
– Don’t feel pressured to pursue marketing techniques that conflict with your skills or comfort level
– How familiarity builds unconscious trust
– The one thing that seals the deal: consistent repetition

Other valuable tips:
– Marketing takes time,
– Pick a strategy, don’t give up, be persistent, give it time to succeed or fail
– Build your brand, build trust, be memorable
– Behave as you profess you do
– Consistent repetition
– 7-11-4 and zero moment of truth

Join us on this episode to listen to Rhonwyn laying it out for all of our benefit. This the second of 3 episodes so stay tuned for the third one next week.

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