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Ep43 – A Brief Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

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February 8, 2021

An Interview with Maria Isoton

Want to find out more about ERP and what they mean to you, even if you are a SMB, especially if you are a SMB?

Today we are joined by Maria Isoton, an ERP implementation specialist and Accountant from Reassure Accounting, who dutifully helps business leaders take full advantage of such systems to the benefit of the company’s performance in revenue, but more importantly PROFIT.

What is an ERP, or Enterprice Resouce Planning platform?
Why is an ERP important?
Why benefits are there to have from having an ERP?

Find out more by listening to this week’s episode on your favourite player.

A special mention to:

Maria Isoton LinkedIn profile: click here
Reassure Accounting Facebook page: click here
Reassure Accounting website: click here

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