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Ep44 – 21% Improvement in 21 week? Across Sales Performance & Leadership development?

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February 8, 2021

An interview with Geoffrey Wade from Onirik World Group

21% improvement in 21 weeks? Across Sales Performance & Leadership Development? Unreal claim you might add? Check out this week’s episode with Geoffrey Wade & find out more.

Geoff is the founder of Onirik, the company he founded when he realised he had amazing value to add to organisations that couldn’t figure out effective ways to change behaviours within its ranks in order to improve individual and collective performance levels.

When Geoff claims a min of 50% improvement in sales figures, it’s based on demonstrable facts, not anecdotal information!

The key to this amazing uplift in performance is down to the Performance Break-Thru model he developed, which focuses on the person’s behaviour.

Find out more by listening to this week’s episode in which Geoff explains how his systems works in sales, but of course can be adapted to any function in the organisation, especially leadership development.

Geoffrey Wade LinkedIn profile: click here
Onirik World Group LinkedIn page: click here
Onirik World Group website: click here

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