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Ep45 – The impact of your state of mind & mindset on your sales performance.

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February 8, 2021

An interview with Geoff Wade from Onirik World Group

“I don’t control the buying process, I can influence the buying process”. Want to find out more about mindset vs state of mind, human performance & impact on sales? Listen to this week’s episode with one of our return guests, Geoff Wade.

Last week we released another podcast with Geoff who made a bold, but demonstrably true, claim of 21% improvements in 21 weeks, across the board. This week, he comes back to explain to us how a salesperson’s state of mind, and mindset, can make, or break, a salesperson.

Confidence breeds confidence, and a few techniques can help build that confidence. For example, pacing while on the phone, chewing gum, success or power poses, and of course, breathing (i.e. triangular or square breathing).

Listen to the episode to find out more on how human performance can be improved through a healthy and active “mind over matter” philosophy.
Geoffrey Wade LinkedIn profile: click here
Onirik World Group LinkedIn page: click here
Onirik World Group website: click here

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