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Ep46 – Hiring, assessing, training & coaching new salespeople

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February 8, 2021

An interview with Jason Howes from Arrow Executives

Today we talk to Jason Howes from Arrow Executive about hiring salespeople, training them, coaching them & making them a successful team within an organisation.

Jason has a wealth of experience providing companies with the right tools to hire the right salesperson for the right role. Jason and his company provide services and tools that help organisations build the appropriate role descriptions, filter our the wrong candidates during the search phase, and assess candidates to make sure they will be a good cultural fit, but equally important a competent fit.

Find out more about how Jason and his team can help you by listening to this episode and gaining all the insights that were shared.

Jason Howes LinkedIn profile: click here
Arrows Executives Sales Consultants LinkedIn page: click here
Arrow Executive website: click here

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